How to use Catmate

Making the switch

 In most cases, if you go slowly enough, your cat won’t even realize a change is taking place. The way to do it is to place a layer of the current brand over the CATMATE litter, gradually reducing the thickness of the layer. This changeover should typically take place over three to five days.

Catmate Two Piece Sieve Tray Kit

Put 2 to 3 hands full of litter in the bottom tray under the sieve. This base litter soaks up any liquid that goes through the top.

After you have put a layer of 2cm of litter in the top of the sieve, the tray is ready to use.

Frequently shake the tray. This allows particles that have absorbed the odour causing liquid to fall through the sieve and into the base.

Scoop out solids daily.

The wet litter in the base can be replaced as required.